Monday, March 12, 2007

Smiley boy.

So, how much of a cop-out is it to just post pictures of SuperCutiePie?

I thought so. Therefore, I will tell you about my Christmas gift making progress. Yes, I said Christmas. Yes, I understand that Christmas is more than 9 months away, and I think thats what makes this so magical! No, I am not touched. AM NOT! lol. Moving on.

I am 1.5 gifts into my Christmas gift making. And, that is only because 1 was already done. Kerry, if you want to be suprised, let me know and you shall know nothing. If you have the patience of, oh, ME, than I shall disclose what your offspring will receive - as they(it) are being made. So, yeah, 1 is done and I'm creating another one just like it, only smaller. I'm very excited about this prospect. I shall create my Christmas gift making list as I go plus 1. Therefore, right now on the hook (yes, I said hook) is gift 2. Next shall be a sweater for a girlfriend's daughter in purple boucle. No clue what pattern I'll use, I'll figure it out when #2 is done. Once I'm working on #3, I shall figure out #4 and so on. So, there you have it, a plan.

And with that, I shall leave you with this:

That is Gigi the 3-legged wonder licking Sean's feet. She's a strange one.

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