Thursday, March 15, 2007

Um, yeah, and all that.

So I really don't have much to write about, but I will try my best.

We'll start with Sean (the REAL reason you all are here, huh?). He is adorable as usual, and doing a bit better in the sleep department. The past 2 nights he's gotten up twice, and the second time is only about an hour before the alarm goes off, so he's almost to the once a night spot I keep praying for. Please pray with me, Mommy is getting very tired/cranky. I don't have any new pics but I'll try to take some of Jake and Sean together (!) tonight. Sean had his 9 week checkup, which Travis took him to. He weighs 11 something (eye roll) pounds and is 22.5 inches. He's still in the 50% for his age - nice and normal. He's taking his cereal bottle at night just fine, and it is actually helping him sleep a little bit longer than without it. And the doc said its fine.

Jake is doing a little better with the listening and not whining. Not much, but a little. He got prizes these past 2 weeks for 1) learning his address & phone (he knew the phone already) and 2) for tying his shoes. It's a big verse week for him - John 3:16. He learned it in K3 (it was very cute to hear such big words from a 3 yr old, lemme tell ya!) but he's forgotten it. Tonight we finish up his Leprechaun trap. I think it's a great project, fun too. They will set the traps on Friday, and when the get back from Spring Break next week, see if any of the traps have been sprung.

Speaking of Spring Break - next week is it. Normally I'd just have Jake go to the daycare at school, but since Sean's nanny is on a cruise they will both just stay home. I have Mon, Thurs & Fri, Travis has Tues & Wed - his normal days off. I'm not sure what we'll do but maybe we can do something fun. Wonder what Jakey's wife is doing, or if she's on Spring Break too (Kerry?).

On the yarn front, I've finished the front, back and 1 sleeve of the mystery Christmas item, and I started on sleeve #2 at lunch today. I figure that by Monday I'll be done with it. In theory, anyway. Then I suppose I should work on second sock, eh? I havent decided where these are going, maybe my Grandmother? We'll see. OH, Pop Pop, if you read this, please disregard that last bit, will ya? That, or act supprised!

Speaking of grandparents, my other grandparents are coming down from NY on Saturday morning. I am thrilled to pieces, I havent seen them in 4 years - FAR too long. Now, if I can just get the house clean, and figure out a suitable dinner to make I'd be golden. Any suggestions? Wish me luck.

Wow, guess I had more to say than I thought.

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