Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Lets see, I have zero yarn on a hook (well, except for that scarf that I've abandoned, er take a hiatus from)... and I call this a crocheting blog. HAH. On needles I have the secondsock which is up to the heel flap as of the end of my break, and I've gotten about 4-5 inches or so done on the sweater. I'd show you but it's at home, only the sock is with me. And, how clever am I... I have my ball of sock yarn inside firstsock to hold it in place as I knit from it. Pretty slick, eh? I thought so. Moving on.

I have decided that I would really like to combine knitting and crochet, but not in the traditional sense of adding a crochet border to knit stuff. I lovelovelove the Stacy sweater:

and have purchased the yarn to make one of my very own in dark and light green. I would like to crochet the body but do the cable up the middle (you cant see it, but there really is a cool cable up the middle that then seperates at the v neck)(I will harass Stacy again for a pic). I know you can do a "cable" in crochet, but I want a real cable as pseudo-shown here. I've stayed awake at night trying to figure out how to do it. Here are my theories thus far:

A) I could crochet the body except for the 3-4 inches in the center front torso, knit the cable with some garter stitch on either side and then whip stitch it together.


B) I could crochet the body, then when I get to the bitOknitting I want to do, have a needle stay in there to do the knit stitches, and somehow connect it to the other end of crocheting, and keep carrying on that way. *the somehow part HAS actually kept me up one night. I know, I know.*

Option A would be easy enough but I dont want my seams showing. And I have NO idea if option B would actually work. Guess I could try it and see, and I may just do that once this sweater is more than 4 inches long.

I really cant justify having 2 sweaters for myself on needles at once when there is all this Christmas knitting to do. No, I dont have any idea who/what is next on the non-existant Christmas knitting list. Yes, I'm fine with that. I have 4 balls of sock yarn and eleventy two friends that want socks (yet complain when I knit, ahem). I could just knit socks and then decide to whom they will go, but I cant do that since these are kind of fitted.

Rambling, sorry. Oh, Mom pointed out that I forgot to show you this from Friday's boat trip.

The Miss Tracy (spelt wrong, but still)

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