Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy Monday, er, Tuesday.

Saturday was St Pat's day, and here's Sean and I (Jake was with his Mammaw, but his shirt says "The leprachauns made me do it" and has handprints all over it):

I was home yesterday with the boys so today's my Monday. And Thursday, but ya'll know. Anyway, I had a fabulous weekend! Saturday Nanny and Pop came for a visit, and Jake and Sean kept them well occupied:

That would be them and Jake playing poker - and he's not half bad for a 5 yr old either. He just needs to understand the concept that a straight needs to be ALL 5 CARDS. He kept saying things like "I have a straight and a pair of jacks!" And this meant that he had 2 Jacks, a 6, 7 and like a 2. "But Mommy, the 6 and 7 are a straight!". It was funny. After an hour or so of poker, it was on to Sorry! Jake was doing so well reading the cards, it made me happy. I think the only word he really had any problem with was squares, which really is an odd word if you think about it! And of course the other pic shows just how easily Sean gets people to do his bidding!

My only real disappointment of their visit is that Nanny didnt bring anything to crochet while she was there. Because there would be nothing better than a pic of she and I crocheting together. She is the one that taught me, at 4, to chain. I've always thought of her as the person in my family that I am most like. And when my Dad said that I reminded him so much of her I started crying, and I told him that he couldnt have given me a greater compliment. Yeah, classy - a great big blubber fest! But I was very emotional, it was in the days right before I had Sean, and hormones and all that. You understand. Anyway, moving on.

Sunday after Church they came back over for another rousing game of Sorry, then they were off. I am thrilled to pieces that they came down, but to only have them for such a short period of time was so sad. I am trying to get home for Homecoming the first weekend of August, so I am starting to save MyPoints for gas cards now. I havent been home in 4 years, and that's entirely too long. I miss it. A lot. So much has happened in that time - Nanny had cancer, and is now almost a whole lung less. I've gained 4 cousins, my aunt & uncle had a housefire and moved to a farm. My Dad has built himself a WHOLE HOUSE, and my sister's place is in middle of getting a 2nd story. See, lots going on.

And speaking of crocheting, I finished up Heather's sweater - that would be 2 Christmas gifts DONE! And I'm almost done with the ankle ribbing of second sock. I think I know who these will be for, but I'm not quite sure. We'll see how it goes.

This Sunday is Aliceon's birthday, she's turning 6. Aliceon is Jake's little wifey, and he picked out the sweetest present. A little "diamond" heart necklace. Oh, sorry Kerry, please disregard that! I had the intention of getting her a bitty pair of earrings, but he liked this best. It really is cute, and little bitty, perfect for a 6 yr old. I'm looking forward to the party, it should be fun. Sorry to Al that I didnt get her a pony though.

I shall leave you with a pic of punk rock kid. Enjoy.

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