Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ho Hum

I really dont have anything to talk about, but figured I'd pop on anyway. You should go read Yarn Harlot ( to see how the NYC event went. Over 100 knitters in Central Park, almost 750 knitters at her book launch speech. That is a lot. A Whole Lot. It freaked out the muggles (er, non-knitters). Great times, I wish I could have gone. Instead, I stayed here, worked on the sock and ignored the sweater.

I am about half done with the heel flap of secondsock. I have been using a combo method of knitting and it's working well. It makes purling almost easier than knitting, ironic, no?

I have not yet played with the crochet/knit idea, maybe next week. I keep getting the urge to get some more sock yarn - in solids to make socks for boys, but have not yet committed. I already have I think 4 more balls at home of stripey/dotty/patterned yarn that I really should knit up before buying more. Should. Hrmf. We'll see how that works out for me.

~~~the above is from yesterday but I got interupted by 5 O'clock. Now it's today.~~~

Sean has been laughing, or giggling a lot, especially at Jake. Its funny how babies react so differently to kids. Very sweet. And Jake seems to think it's his mission to make Sean smile, so thats great! This morning he hurried up to get dressed so he could talk to Sean before we (Sean and I) left. So sweet.

Jake got his report card day before yesterday. Last 9 weeks he had all S's. This 9 weeks he had 5 S-'s. I wrote them down, but left them at home - whoops. Lets see if I can remember.
*Finishes assigned tasks *Works without distrubing other students *Has adequate attention span - nope, thats all I got. They were all pretty much the same thing - not paying attention and talking too much. Apple? Tree? I dont know what you're talking about! So, he didnt get his gameboy game and he will try harder this 9 weeks.

Can you beleive there are only 9 more weeks left of school! Yeah, me neither. Summer will be long this year, which is fine by me, but not really fine by our budget. Right now daycare is $180 for both kids, in the summer it'll be $260. Travis is just a tad freaked out. But, I did point out to him that we would actually be SAVING money by taking a week off and going to NY, once I get the gas cards from mypoints. Sounds logical to me! Unfortunatly I dont get my bonuses until fall and winter, but that will hopefully help in hindsight. (That's probably not how to say that, but ya'll understand, right?)

I worked a little bit on the sweater, a few rows anyway. I can see it will be one of those that I have to do other stuff while doing this because otherwise I will go crazy. Miles and miles of stockinette is kinda boring.

Speaking of knitting, I was watching Knitty Gritty last night (I dvr 2 a day) and they were doing an Aran blanket. The cables were so beautiful, I want to try some of them, and I think a blanket is a good choice for that, so I can try more than one - unline if I were doing a sweater. Maybe I'll find some yarn to do that with. On the show there were 9 panels, all in same darkish green color, about 15 inches each with a 3 stitch garter border on each square. We'll see how that goes. The project rated an advanced on the knitOmeter. And since I am NOT a Knitter, that concerns me, but socks are supposed to be hard too and we all know how I feel about THAT. I am thinking of doing maybe 16 squares that are a foot each instead of 9 bigger ones, we'll see if I can convert the patterns - we all know how much I love math!

That's it for now, I suppose I should get some work done. Cheers.

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