Wednesday, March 21, 2007

On socks and sock yarn...

Dear Sock Yarn Makers,

When you are making sock yarn that is self patterning, it would be very helpful to us sock knitters to have the sock yarn go the same direction. What I mean is that my first sock, with my first ball of sock yarn from your company, went along very nicely. However, when I started second sock, and since I like my socks to match eachother I started going through the ball (from the center, like all good yarn addicts do)(and JUST LIKE I DID FOR THE FIRST SOCK) looking for the point where green and blue meet and for some reason, there was only where blue and green meet.
This is bizarre, I thought to myself. It should be green, then blue, not blue then green.
Yep, you guessed it, your yarn ball makers made this ball insideout. So, since I am not in possession of a yarn ball winder, I am having to knit this sock by using yarn from the outside of the ball which SUCKS.
In the future, if you could rectify this problem, it would make me a little more likely to purchase your brand of yarn again.
sock yarn chasing Brandee.

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