Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lesson learned on day 2 of boredom

I have heard that you should wash your fabric before turning into a quilt but as we all know, I am lazy. I know I NEED to wash it before the actual quilting so I tossed the 2 quilt tops (the convention quilt and girl twin quilt) and their respective backs into the wash with woolite on gentle (I'm not a COMPLETE idiot! har har). I didn't dry them, just brought them to the living room and started pressing them.

As an aside, I must say it is a nifty feature on ironing boards that they can be adjusted to short so I could iron sitting at the couch. Moving on.

As I started looking at the convention quilt I noticed in a few places where the seam had come undone. Uh oh. Not a good thing at all. I am really not sure how I'm gonna fix it, and thankfully it's only on that quilt and not on the baby one. The backs pressed nicely, so did the girl quilt. Any thoughts? I am thinking of stippling some thread with a backing of scrap fabric and turning under the frayed edges as I go, that way when it's actually quilted it will look like it's supposed to be there. I dont think I'd be able to deepen the seem allowances on just those spaces and have it look normal so I don't think that is an option.

Sigh. Oh... I did finish one of the mits and started on the second, did I mention that already? Boredom = addlebrainedness.

Tommorow afternoon I watch a little friend so his Mommy can go on a job interview. 5 yr olds are easy peasy so nothing strenuous I'm sure. He'll be happy to bounce on the trampoline I'd wager. Let's keen Jen in our thoughts that she gets a job quickly!

That's it for now, have a great day. I wonder what new and magical things I will learn tomorrow? I did not pray to be taught a lesson! Lol.

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