Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Scheduled outage...

I finally got the call to schedule my surgery, I'll go in on 4/21 and emerge minus some girl parts and on heafty drugs. I am looking forward to the After since this before sucks! I normally dont ask for prayers for myself but I will now, please remember me on that day and couple days after.

Moving on... I didn't take any pictures to show and I didn't finish my quilt blocks - I have 1 more side on each one, then they just need to be sewed together and some borders added. I am still thinking about backing. I have a couple ideas in mind and I am looking forward to playing with them in real life instead of just my head!

At lunch I finished the crocheting of my purse cover, but I was not able to sew it up since I didn't have a tapestry needle with me. Tonight that will get done during tv. I also started a pattern that I had intended for my Mom for birthday, having forggoten about the birthday socks and I will see how it goes. Now I'll just tease and say maybe she'll get it, maybe I'll keep it! lol.

Tonight I intend to shampoo my carpets in the living room and dining room. Woo hoo, joy. But, I'd rather it done now than have to stare at dirty carpets for the next 8 weeks!

That's it for now, have a great day!

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