Monday, April 27, 2009

Bored already

I've watched 2 episodes of All my children, I'm on my 4th knit & crochet today, 2 knitty gritty's and a quilt in a day. I have a 24 which I need to watch today before tonight's episode, or I could hold it until tomorrow and watch them both back to back! Hehehe. Back to back Jack. lol. I kill me.

Anyway, surgery went well, I'm just pretty sore and very restless. Even at night taking my happy pills I cannot manage to fall asleep in less than 3 hours without adding my normal sleeping pill. Last night I took both and did fall asleep quickly but was up at 12:30 and it took over an hour to get back to sleep. Maybe it's the percoset and I need to just try to deal with taking the IBs? I'll try that tonight.

In yarny news, I've gotten a few rounds away from finishing th efirst fingerless mit. I like how it's coming out, but I did see how I managed to be unable to count to 4... Oh well, who likes evenly spaced cables anyway? lol. I just need to remember to mirror them on the 2nd mit... maybe then I can call it a "design element"! I have only a couple weeks to get the 2nd bag cover done for the mag and send it out. I keep procrastinating because I feel like I will have SOOOO much time on my hands that I dont want to do everything at once.

In quilty news, well there isn't any. I have all the fabric for the boy blanket, I am not super thrilled with it though. It's pretty average, if that makes sense. I really love how the girl blanket came out and I hate to be disappointed with this one. Too late now since it's not like I can drive my arse over to the fabric store! I think they are due middle of June but with twins I'll be lucky to get to the middle of May. I guess I really need to get a move on, eh? At least the pattern goes quickly.

That's really it for now. Thank you for your well wishes and good thoughts. More later.

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