Friday, April 17, 2009

Ready of not...

I went in for pre-op today and the vampires took 7 vials of blood. I got a nifty new green wrist band for blood typing and instructions so I am all set for surgery on Tuesday. Wonder if I can get my doc to hold the sock in progress? Hmmm. I also went in today to meet with the surgeon about the lump and he said it's just dense breast tissue and nothing to be concerned with and see you in 4 months. I am happy with that.

I have started the thumb gusset for my mitt and the round and round bit of the foot on second sock. I have not finished picking fabric for the boy twin's quilt, nor have I gotten the batting for the other 2. Maybe this weekend. I have a May deadline for the the twins and September for Convention so that's a good thing.

Speaking of fabric, I have been undergoing a major project in ironing and folding my bits of fabric and grouping them by color. I dont even have my yarn so organized! This is a good project so that I can actually see that I have 9,000,000 different greens and only 3 blues. Apparently I'm a green person... who knew?

No real plans this weekend but get the house in "guest condition" since I will have guests next week and I will be out of commission. Let's just hope that my 3 days in the hospital wont = tornadic activity on the homestead.

That's it for me, have a great weekend and I will try to post on Monday.

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