Sunday, April 05, 2009

Play Date, wii fit, quilting

Play date yesterday was so much fun. We had a really good turn out and I think that everyone enjoyed themselves. I got in some exercise running after Sean and pitching baseball. I also got in 30 mins on the wii fit between the hula hoop thing and step classes. I'm pretty sore today so I'm staying away from it. I am really noticing a difference in my energy level (well not today but in general) with getting in some exercise almost every day this week. I am down about 3 lbs this week so I am pretty thrilled... and that is with eating taco bell 2 times!

Today I am going to Jen's church, she's singing a solo and I'm looking forward to it. We'll grab lunch afterwards then I'll head home. Jake is going with my MIL to the base to go shopping so it's just me and Sean.

Maybe this afternoon I'll get out and till up the area for the corn since that really needs to be transplanted soon. I have the area mostly done, I just need to finish up and mix in some soil. Hopefully it shouldn't take me more than an hour.

In quilty news, I have not finished sewing the binding down on my brother's quilt but it's getting closer, just 1 short side left. I did start working on the Convention quilt. It's a log cabin in tan/brown and blue. I got to the 6th side out of 13 (including the center). I really like how it's turning out and it is going pretty quick. Including cutting the strips I probably have 2 hours in it and that is for all 12 squares. I've got a 1 more set of strips not cut but the rest are ready. I am really enjoying it. Now I need to decide if I want to try to do the quilting myself again or have it sent out. Hrm. I have no idea how much something like that costs. It may be worth a little investigating. I'd hate to have it not sell as well because I am a crappy quilter. Decisions decisions.

That's it from me, I'm gonna go get some frosted mini wheats. Have a great Sunday.

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