Monday, April 13, 2009

Pictures of done stuff.

I finished the top for the convention quilt:

I also decided to make baby quilts for my boss who is expecting twin grandbabies - one of each kind! Here's the top for the girl:

I am getting fabric together for the boy quilt. The girl one was easy, I picked the butterfly fabric and the rest fell into place. I will look for a inspiration fabric for the boy one soon. I need to get some batting for all 3, and the girl quilt already has backing and binding strips ready to go. I am still contemplating binding and backing on the convention quilt.

I did get some work done on my newest project - fingerless mits for my mom at her office. I've got about 2 inches done. I was going to keep it a suprise but I have an amazing lack of restraint when it comes to things like this! Those that know me are laughing right now!

I do have a pic to share of Sean. On Friday, he and Jake spent the day with my in-laws. Apparently they were trying to juggle. Sean, being the most graceful child he is succedded in losing an argument with the coffee table:

I am working to get my desk in order and all my poop in a group before I am out for 8 weeks. I will keep blogging from home but will have limited access to pics.

I hope you had a great Easter. More tomorrow, maybe I'll remember to snap a pic of the mits.

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