Friday, April 03, 2009

A happy place

I've had a rough few days mentally relating to some strange doctor stuff and I wont really know what's going on until Tuesday when I have a consult. I am the least patient and most paranoid person that I know so this does not sit well with me.

However, yesterday when I was between test appointments I went to Joanns. Joanns is my happy place. I spent over half hour fondling yarn and browsing quilting fabrics. I have needed to go and get some springy yarn for the purse and this was my opportunity. Not rushed, no extra "helpers", it was nice. I chose CotnCorn (a blend of cotton and corn) in a peach and verigated peach/brown/white for one purse and a chunky verigated teal & white for the other. Happy Springy colors and I'm looking forward to working with them.

I also got 4 fabrics for the Convention quilt, differents shades of brown from almost white to really dark chocolate. I also cut most of the strips and did the first round of sewing. I actually got a lot done for the time that I had and I'm pretty proud of myself. I could have been taking a nap but nope! I sewed.

In other yarny news, I had started the 2nd sock of Brainless but at doctors appt #2 yesterday I realized that I was relying on my brain instead of the pattern and had to rip out the 1.5" I had done and restart. Oh well. I've got a teeny tiny bit back to done but not too much.

In other quilty news, I am almost done with my 3rd side of handquilting Kerry's quilt. One and a little bit to go. Yay!

That's it for me, have a great weekend.

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