Monday, June 02, 2008

Sleepy sleepy

It's been one of those days, too much to do but I cant keep from yawning. But enough about that. I finished a socklet and started the 2nd at lunch today. The idea is cute, but I am not the best lace-chart-reader and one of my lace bits was wonky. No worries, this is really just a test to see if the idea works, and to get myself a pair of socklets - even if they aren't beautiful! I'll make another newer, more improved pair later on.

I have also started to think about my afghan for this year's convention. Every year I donate an afghan to be auctioned off, usually to pretty good success. Our theme is travel (places or modes of transportation) and I was thinking of doing an American Flag afghan. I have made, roughly, 4 trillion of these (seriously, I've probably made 10 of this same pattern). I have the stars half done and hiding in my closet from when I thought I wanted to make another one... I didn't... still burned out. I may check out the stars I have, the stash to see what I have yarn-wise and go from there.

This weekend was long and drawn out, we went to Epcot with a quick stop at Ft Wilderness to see the animals. HUGE horses, heads bigger than Sean, and he kept calling them 'puppy'. Jake, as usually, pouted when I tried to take his pic. Travis got some good ones while he was eating and therefore oblivious, so maybe I'll snag on some of them to show you. Here's Sean and the Puppy.

But, by far, the best part of the weekend was when I was eating my egg roll in China and Sean seems smelly. I look, nothing... just toots apparently. Then about 5 minutes later Sean says "poopoo". And boy was he right. But...YAY!!!! And so it begins. With any luck, he'll be potty trained in no time! We already got his little potty seat (with frogs and lady bugs - too cute), and he doesn't hate it. I think that only the Mom's will share my enthusiasm, but I was so excited.

That's really it, I have some work to do, and hopefully I'll have something to talk about tomorrow.

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