Monday, June 23, 2008

So long Mr. Carlin.

I was so sad to hear on the news that George Carlin had "passed on, or expired like a magazine subscription." I love his sense of humor and he has made me laugh so hard I've cried. He will be missed by so many people.

And to add levity to this otherwise sad day I have some pictures to share. Lots of pictures.

Saturday morning we went to visit the new bird (just a few more weeks then we can take him home):

Here is Jake not blowing out his birthday candles - he gets embarrassed by all the attention I suppose:

Sean enjoyed himself and kept busy, here he was playing with the "hula loop" as Jake calls it:

And finally, a really nice picture of both of my children where they are both looking at me and smiling. This is a rare occurrence, enjoy it while you can:

Lets see... what's going on? I told you that Sean went peepee in the potty. We haven't had a repeat but I'm still excited by it. My folks couldn't come to the party, or on the rescheduled Sunday because of crappy weather + Mom's new glasses make her not be able to drive good + Cliff feeling crappy from his chemo. I was disappointed but hopefully we'll get to see them next weekend. The good side to that is that my house is clean! Well, for the most part. I did work on Cliffy's afghan a bit last night but that's the only time my hands touched yarn this weekend.

That's it for now, have a great Monday. OH, PS, if you are looking for a digital camera, I have one on Ebay here.

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