Monday, June 09, 2008

A painting for Grandma

My grandmother's birthday is next week and she loves birds. She also has a bit of a crush on my brother-in-law Jason who happens to be an Awesome Artist. SO, I combined the two and had this made:

The background is my MIL's wall and not part of the painting. We are going over on Sunday to visit, and I will give it to her then. I think it will look nice in her nursing home room! She is going to be thrilled and I cant wait!

Speaking of birthdays and birds, we went to the bird store to let Jake pick out his birthday bird since they got some babies in. We wont be able to take it home until the middle of July, and I (like a dummy) forgot to take a pic of the actual bird. BUT, I can show what he kinda looks like - very cute. It's all bought, and we can go in and visit and bond whenever we want, which is cool:

And finally, some video. Sean singing the cockadoodle doo song. Have a great day.

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