Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Jakey!!

Today is Jake's 7th birthday. When I got the camera to take his picture, this is what I found:

Here's a pic with the flash so you can see what he's doing:

And a picture of Sean just for good measure. Please notice Sean's new "hairstyle". I call it "boufant ala doughnut".

Anyway, Jake is enjoying Summercamp today at Chuck E Cheese and Mamaw brought over some cupcakes for him to share for afternoon snack. With luck it will be a better day than yesterday when he was told he wasnt allowed to go to Busch Gardens next week because he and another litte boy got into so much trouble together... repeatedly telling them to stay apart and finally the teachers had to each hold one of their hands so they would straighten up. This is not unusal with Jake and the other one - CONSTANTLY getting into trouble together. Hopefully it will sink in this time that they need to stay away from each other.

For the birthday celebration, we will let the boys play in the pool after school then Jake's choice of Pizza rolls for supper (I'll have eggplant parm with my MIL). Oh boy, good times.

I've gotten 3.75 stripes done on the afghan and half of Lean Mean Thirteen read. I LOVE Janet Evanovitch! That's it for now, have a great day.

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