Friday, May 02, 2008

So much to say

I'm sorry I've been so neglectful, part of it was a business trip, part of it was work stuff and just. plain. tired. But... I have pictures!

Last weekend when we went for a visit with Rere at my Mom's place. Sean fell asleep in the hammock swing:

And has the markings to prove it!

It was a nice time and a nice visit, and of course I didn't get a picture actually OF Lorraine. Whoops!

My business trip was up to the Sawgrass Marriott near Jacksonville with 3 of my co-workers. On the trip up I worked on the sock:

Damarys and I shared a room:

We had lots of fun and I only lost at Scrabble by like 12 points. We had some noisy neighbors though..but they are cute:

It was a good trip, we went to the beach where the sun was RIGHT in my eyeballs:

Then to dinner which was on the inter coastal. Very pretty view and I was amused at the falling skier and this seagull who was perched on top of the 'Big Scary Plastic Owl'. I had thought that BSPOs were meant to scare away birds, but apparently no one told the seagull this.

On the way home we took the scenic route, laughing at funny business names and street signs. We stopped at a roadside yard art hut. For the low, low price of $2800 you can get either a 9 foot rooster or gleaming golden 7 foot Mary. I settled for 2 types of local honey:

And finally, yesterday was Macy's big prop and display sale. Lesa (my co-worker) and I got there around 9 and things were going QUICK. I just wanted a foot, but I got a foot, display stand that is a post with arms on 2 sides that hold hangers(that I haven't photographed yet cause it's still in Lesa's trunk) plus some Christmas gift boxes which I love. I spent $26. Here's my foot. It's a little cracked up at the top so I think I will have Travis cut it down a little since I don't need the WHOLE leg, just where a sock covers ;):

That's it for pictures. An update on Jake though... Remember that he lost his first tooth last Thursday? He lost his second... on Friday! You should hear him say should and seven and Sean. Too funny. Yesterday was Travis and I's (or is it mine's or me & Travis'... whatever) 9 year anniversary. We went to Fat Willie's Fish Camp for supper, I had crab legs. Sean doesn't like crab apparently. Tonight the in-laws are keeping both kids and Travis and I are going to see a movie. I have no idea what is even out but I'll figure it out soon. Have a great weekend. Next Wed I leave for Lauderdale for 3 days so it will be a short blogging week again. But hooray overtime!

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