Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mommy's Day!

I hope all the Mommies out there had a swell Day! Mine was pretty good, except for the mortal wound, but I hope it will be OK.

The rest of the Ft Lauderdale trip was great, and we made a slight pit stop at A Stitcher's Haven in Plantation. I got a skein of On Your Toes in light blue, which is SOOO soft that I walked around the store petting it and my co-workers laughed at me. It's beautiful and I already know what I will make with it (that pretty pink one on the cover). I was thisclose to casting on in the car. I have some pics to share though (the blue/green one is not current - durning lunch today I am halfway through the gusset):

I did good on my trip, lots of finishing done. Before I left I told Travis that for Mothers Day I wanted a dustbuster to replace the one I got when we got married which no longer works. He said, Oh, well I can get you that but I was going to get a bird. Awww. I like birds. And his idea of bird (cockatiel) is cooler than my idea of bird (parakeet). I decided that I really needed the dustbuster and that was a better choice. When I got home he let me pick one out at walmart on Friday night - I like it lots.

Saturday I was supposed to go to a baby shower but due to crappy truck problems Travis had to go to work, so with kids in tow I headed to my Mom's to see Grandma in her nursing home (she got VERY sick while I was gone - more on that later) and my Uncle Kevin here from Texas. (As an aside, my Uncle Kevin used to live in Canada, and we totally have Jake convinced that they kicked him out because he kept forgetting to say Aye. It is TOO funny). When I got back home after a nice visit, Travis had gotten out of work early and went to his folks house to get the bird cage out of the attic. We now have this:

His name is Fergus (after the character in the old tv show Roar). He is young and sweet, no biting and is happy to be held by adults and kids.

Sunday Morning at 6:30 Sean woke up, and no amount of milk would let me get more sleep. at 8:30 I woke Travis up and told him it was my turn to sleep, seeing as how it is my day and all. He packed up the kids and went to the park, they left around 9. I heard them leave, then at noon I heard them come back in. In between... I slept. Like the dead - I did. not. move. It was so nice! That afternoon we went to the in-laws to have Mom's day supper and let the kids swim. I had forgotten Sean's swimmer pants so he played in his diaper. Diapers are VERY absorbant.

Finally we freed him after he couldnt step over the side of the little pool anymore.

He really enjoyed himself! We ate supper - burgers and dogs, and when we were done Jake hadn't finished his burger so I gave some pieces to the dogs... hence the mortal injury. Baloo's tooth went through my thumbnail and it bled profusley for a few minutes. I had blood all over the floor, on the oven, it wasnt pretty. It hurts now only when I touch it. At the moment it doesnt hurt when I knit or crochet - thankfully! Hopefully it will get better and I wont lose the nail or have it ugly. We'll see.

Grandma and Cliffy update: While I was gone, Grandma got sick with pneumonia and was sent to the hospital. She went to the nursing home on Saturday when we were over there. Cliff got results from the biopsies from his surgery and found cancer in his lympth nodes. He'll have to get chemo along with his radiation which is not a good thing. He's in such high spirits, and hopefully it will go well for him. Please keep them both in your prayers. Thanks! Have a great day.

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