Thursday, May 22, 2008


I am pretty devastated this morning. As I was driving into work, Jimmy Carter came on to do his regular morning gossip on the Country station I listen to. He starts off by saying that he's been physically sick having to repeat this all morning it's just so sad. Steven Curtis Chapman's daughter Maria was killed in an accident yesterday. My heart stopped, I could breathe and I instantly had tears come to my eyes. You can read the article here. No, I didn't know Maria, nor do I know any of the Chapmans, except that I enjoy his music. But, I do read his wife Mary Beth's blog so it feels like I know them, like they are friends.

I was pretty shocked at how much this affected me. It's 10:02, and it has been more than 2 hours since I heard and I'm still a mess. As soon as I got here I wrote her a note, and that was so hard. I was at such a loss for words. How do you comfort someone that you don't even know and help them to deal with something that you can't even imagine happening. It may sound trite to some but at least Maria is with God now and I know their faith will carry them a long way in dealing with their grief.

OK, that's it from me, I need to try to get something done around here.

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