Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I hate late night calls

Monday night Travis and I were watching House and at 9:45 the phone rings. This is never a good thing. His Uncle Mutt, who was in his 90's, died. Mutt lived in MS and was Travis' namesake (his name was Travis Templeton Fondren... my Travis is hoping they add the Templeton to the gravestone else it would be a bit creepy), he's taking it pretty hard. He and his Dad left this morning for MS. We told Jake last night and his "Why did Uncle Mutt have to die" was heartbreaking. Last time we went up to see him, Jake was about 3 (sorry, no pic with Mutt, but here is Jake and I):

Our trip started in MS to visit with Mutt, and some other family members, then up to Memphis to visit his Aunt Gail. When we got there Gail asked how Mutt was and Jake says "He's old". Well, good to know! So funny. The first time we brought Jake to see him he was about 6 month and toothless. We went to lunch and Uncle Mutt teased him saying here, you can borrow some of my teeth... as he pulled a spare pair of dentures out of his pocket!

He was a great man who could tell a great story, and he will be sadly missed by many people.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for blogging, knitting, crocheting (although I did finish up a baby blanket last night), being awake, sleeping, etc... the last 2 have been useless.

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