Friday, April 25, 2008


In order to properly piss off the pair of socks I was making Damarys, I started another pair. Did I tell you I got a new book that I love Love LOVE? Well! I started These (the first socks shown "Embossed Leaves"). I love them a lot. The cuff is weird and I had to learn a new cast on, and the toe is a Star. Yep, not a toe shaped toe, a star patterned toe. Too. Cool. Anyway, here's mine so far:

(Tofutsies in a black/grey/white color). That little tiny bit took up half of 5th Grader and all of CSI. They may become Christmas socks - I have a few pair to make (not including Damarys' socks which may or may not be in time out until 2017). I am making them on size 3's instead of 2's because my 2's are being otherwise occupied by another pair of socks I'm ignoring:

OK, enough socks. Wanna know why I feel like a 90 pound weight is off my shoulders? These past 2 weeks I've been doing this:

That's a lot of math and figuring and writing and erasing and making pretty this:

My co-workers are infinitely thankful the mailman took it off our hands before I vomited on the floor. No more proof this/print that/and this/and oh this/kill me now. They love me, but I think they are ready to sell me off for chocolate, or something equally quiet.

Sigh. Squee!!!

OK, so now I wait (quietly so as not to get evicted from the office). They laughed at me for wanting a yarn tattoo with my earnings (should I have earnings). Guess that is pretty funny, except that I'm serious. Oh well.

This weekend I am going to see my Mom and visit with my Aunt Rere, who is down from NY. You may remember her (the socks, not the skeins):

Its nice to see my favorite Aunties so quickly. AND, Sue left with yarn in her hands... wonder if Rere can be converted?

Enough from me for now, I really should get SOME work done. Have a great weekend.

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