Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I accidentally started another sock, and updates, and Sean Video

I am really enjoying my Favorite Sock book, and that is where this came from. It may or may not be for Damarys (she doesn't LIKE socks, well socks that show anyway)(muggle):

I did come pretty close at finishing the other sock I accidentally started - I should finish it up on the drive to Ft Lauderdale:

I had also started another round ripple in purples for an upcoming craft fair, and it is almost done, but too big for car crocheting, so it is relegated to the couch.

Speaking of updates... Cliffy had his surgery on Monday, he is doing well and should be out of the hospital Thursday or Friday. Travis is nursing an upper respiratory infection and has been on meds for about a week. Jake got diagnosed yesterday with strep and is on meds. I went to my doc just-in-case and, yep, I'm on meds too. Poor Sean, he doesn't stand a chance. We are watching him very closely and TRYING to keep the boys separated. It doesn't often work, but we are trying. My uncle Kevin comes into town later this week, and I am looking forward to skipping Davy Jones and spending time with him.

And finally, a video of Sean. He discovered how to pull the plug in the tub and was very proud of himself on being able to put it back. Enjoy. I will be blogless until probably Monday, just a heads up.

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