Monday, May 19, 2008


What a weekend it was. They weren't able to bury Uncle Mutt on Thursday like they had planned - it rained so hard there was 6 inches of water in the bottom of his grave! So, they did the funeral home thing then went back to Biloxi to have a drink in Mutt's honor. They got back Friday night. In the time that Travis had been gone I became addicted to a few of the clubpogo games thanks to a 5-day freebie from a friend of mine. So. Addicted. Like "who needs to watch the first 50 minutes of Idol" addicted. My freebie ended today and I re-upped with a 14 day freebie that I found. It's lotsa fun if I don't have to shell out the $40 a year!

Because of this new addiction I managed to weave in the ends of the for-sale round ripple. No, that's it, really. Today at lunch (because pogo is NOT more important than food... or All My Children) I did a couple inches on the sock but I didn't take any pics of it. But, we can pretend by substituting a partial pic of it's twin (except the current one is only about half this long):

Onward and upward to cute kid pics.
Fun at the park:

Fun with Fergus. Sean was concerned about this thing on his head but got very comfortable with him. Letting Fergus play with his eyelashes comfortable. And, when I took the bird off his shoulder he turned and looked at me like I ruined his day and tried to pick him back up. TOO cute!

And finally, as promised like 9 years ago, a pic of me that proves that Sean is my child! Here I am in Jan '78 (I was 2 and 2 months) wearing lovely 70's fashion and Mr Potato Head glasses.

Cliffy's doing ok - still sore throat but that's to be expected. That's it from me for now. Have a great day.

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