Monday, April 07, 2008

Stuff to do, stuff to show and a headache

Hi everyone, I hope you had a great weekend. I made $170 at my yard sale, I was thrilled! And I STILL brought a whole truckload to Goodwill. All I keep thinking is what the heck did I sell? Well, the Beatles albums went (and for those that know me, they know that is BIG), lots of baby clothes, books, knick-knack stuff, drinks sold well too. All in all, a great day. I parlayed that money in to 2 bras from Fredrick's at the Mall (yep, I went to the mall and survived!), dinner at Red Lobster and groceries at Walmart (including a swim suit). I completely blew my WW points on Saturday - like WWWAAAYYYY blew my points. Whoops! I'm better today.

My desk is pretty full, which is no surprise since I feel like I've been doing nothing today except blog reading, picture updating, Ravelry playing, etc. So, right after this post, I will get to work! sigh.

I got to the heel turn on Damarys' sock, and I love it. However.

We have a problem, and apparently she is fond of her toes and won't let me lop them off (I asked). I don't know if it is my gauge (probably since have not learned this hard hard lesson) or what, but I need to rip back my perfect little short row heel VERY carefully and attempt to pick up the stitches at the exact moment I started the short row because I do NOT want to try to find my place in the chart if I screw it up. I honestly think it would be easier to frog the whole thing and have a mulligan, so wish me luck. Otherwise, it is beautiful - I love how perfect the "toe up" toe looks and I am really liking this heel, but I don't think I quite have that "wrap & turn" thing quite down. Well, maybe I'll get it right when I have to re-knit it.

I won a new book (love you eBay) - Favorite Socks. I have been wanting this book for awhile, but had not seen it on EBay and the shipping for Amazon is usually pretty high. I lucked out on this, and am thrilled. I've seen a few socks on Ravelry from this book that I really want to make. Now I just need to get back out to Uncommon Threads and get some more of this Comfort Sock!

OK, I need to get some work done and try not to let this headache get the best of me. Have a great day and I'll try to post pics of Sean's new haircut tomorrow. Oh, on Sat - I took him to get a haircut. SO cute!

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