Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Good stuff

I got an email this afternoon from the magazine that I submitted the LetterBaby jacket to and they want me to send it to them for review! I am SO excited! I love love love it, but you know, that never really is a good gauge of how other people will like it. Anyway, hopefully I'll have good news on that front when they decide.

Cliffy had his scan today and goes to the doc tomorrow for results. I am very concerned but prayerful. It will be good to know what we're dealing with, you know? So, pray hard!

I managed to get a pic of Sean's new hair cut - but I couldn't manage to get him to look at me when I did it! Is it just me or does he kinda look like Caesar?

And finally, I started on the heel turn of Damarys' socks, and hopefully they will fit this time. More pics when I can put it on my foot! Good thing we wear the same size shoe, eh?

That's it for now, remember - pray hard!

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~dani said...

Congrats on the magazine contacting you, good luck!!!!!! Keep us posted if you hear anything!