Thursday, April 24, 2008

Toothless Wonder, and a little frog

Last night Jake lost his first tooth. Finally. All the cool kids were doing it, guess it was finally Jake's turn. Travis pulled it, since it was just laying there - it wouldn't stand up at ALL. I had some cute video of my closed bathroom door - with Jake and Travis on the other side and it sounded like this:
J - But it's gonna hurt!
T - No, I'll just get a little piece of tissue and you wont feel it. You don't want to have it fall out when you're eating supper and swallow it do you?
J - But what if it hurts?
T - Let me try, and if it hurts I'll stop.
J - OK. (pause) But Dad,
T - All done.
J - Really? Let me see!

Unfortunately when I played the video back today I had to turn the speakers up REALLY loudly to hear them and it was still muffled. Oh well. It was too cute. Here's some pics.

I also wanted to show you Sean's mad basketball skilz...

Oh, and I made myself a spindle and using some of the alpaca roving I got in August, I made "yarn". It is not easy, not very pretty, not intuitive to do and I generally suck at it. I don't know if I will do more, I just don't get it apparently. Like crocheting socks I suppose... lotsa people love it - I suck at it. Here's what I have:

And finally... Let us fondly remember Damarys' sock. Seeing as how I apparently lost touch with reality and the relationship of gauge to fit, I frogged the beautiful, too-small-to-fit sock. I will try it again on size 2s once I have regained some confidence...and a tape measure. Good thing I still have 8 months and 1 day til Christmas, eh?

[ETA - I LOVE the new "save as you go" feature of Blogger that helps morons that close out the innernets before publishing not have to retype their blog entries.]

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