Friday, April 11, 2008

LOVE my job

Hey there, I hope you had a nice Friday. I am staying here and it is SO beautiful. Travis and the boys will be coming later on but for now I am in a very nice suite all by myself. I am taking some cute pics that I will share on Monday too. I am making a little progress on the sock (I am on the 2nd half of the heel) and I think (sigh) it will fit. I am also most of the way done with the back of LetterBaby Jacket 2.0. I really should have spent the last 2 hours working on it... OK, 3... but I took a nap for 2 and piddled on here for a bit. Pretty soon I need to get dressed for dinner. Ok, I just noticed that someone has crocheted the lamp cords. Yep, I'll take a pic. How cute!

That's it for now, dinner in 40 minutes which = 30 minutes to crochet, 5 minutes to put on my skirt and 5 minutes to walk over. Have a gerat day!

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