Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy April Fools to you too!

Good morning. It's such a blah day so far, and VERY hard not to grab a bag of chips to munch because i can, not because I'm hungry. Anyway, it was an OK evening, I've been gathering stuff up and cleaning stuff up for the yard sale on Saturday. I put an ad at the Flyer online. Hopefully I'll sell lots and be able to better utilize my new book! I also started to read my other new book. I love Stephanie and having the new book is like a blog post that I get to own!

Anyway, I did get a little done on the sock but its not going quickly because of the lace chart and that is making me put it down more and more. I still didn't remember to take a pic of Mom's sweater. I'll try to do that at lunch today. I've had to split them up, sock gets worked on at home because Damarys is at work, and the sweater gets worked on here because i cant work on the sock. Perfect sense, right!

The kids are doing OK, but I don't have pics to prove it. Sean woke up a couple times last night but other than that he was good. Travis got Sean's impetigo on his ear (!) apparently from when he held him on his shoulder and Sean's nose met Travis' ear. It's the funniest thing! So we put some of the antibiotic cream on it the doc gave us for Sean. It was $33, so I'm glad we can use it again!

That's it for now. I'll try to get on later to show everyone but Mom the sweater. Have a great day.

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