Friday, April 04, 2008

I. Love. My. Job.

Over the course of the next 2 months I have 4 site inspections and a week-long trip to Ft Lauderdale. The up-side is that I get OT and stays in nice hotels. The down-side is that I wont be driving to the ones without Travis and will have no way to get to local yarn shops, and really, is there any other reason to travel?

I finished the button band/buttonhole band/collar of Mom's sweater, and moved the back I was working on to the Addi's instead of the plastic ones they were on. Love you Addis! It should go quicker now, but it is really hard getting used to the 3x3 rib for some reason.

I also am almost up to where my foot ends and ankle begins on Damarys' socks. I really love these socks, they look great but I HATE following a chart. NOT fun! Also, not portable, so that is my couch knitting.

Speaking of couch knitting, last night I started a new round ripple babyghan for an upcoming craft fair. They are such a big WOW with so little work! I'll need to get some yarn (shucky darn) but I do have quite a bit in stash to make it so I wont need much.

No updates on Cliffy yet, we should know more next week once he's had his PET scan and talks to the docs. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. My Aunt Sue is coming into town next week too, which will be cool (Hi Sue!)(she reads this...often!) We'll head over there next Sunday to hang out, probably at the beach. Not a fan of the beach, but I guess I can knit on a sock or something - not a place for Mom's sweater, or the sock-of-many-pages-of-directions. New sock??? Now there's an idea!

Um, weight loss progress - I've lost 6 lbs on ww since I started it, 6 weeks ago? I was doing really good at 2 lb a week, then nothing then 2 more lbs this past week. Fingers crossed I'll do OK this coming week.

That's it for now. Let me dig in to see if I have a pic to share:

This shows Sean during the "chocolate incident" and a pic in which I think he looks VERY much like me as a kid. (NTS: bring that pic to scan of me as a baby that looks like him).

Yard sale tomorrow at my place. 7am will be VERY early! Have a great weekend.

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