Friday, February 01, 2008

A pig, with a side of sock.

Today's blog post is dedicated to Linda (prounced LEENda by me). Linda has been our temp at the office since the fall, and she has been great. I think all of us tried to lobby for her to stay, but the boss couldnt be budged. But, he did say she could come back next year!! Anyway, today is her last day. And while I dont like that she choose Beefs for her going away luncheon because their selection of WW-approved meals include water and nothing, I will miss her dearly.

And, in honor of this auspicious occasion I decided to knit her a pig. Why a pig? 3 reasons. Linda grew up on a pig farm. Linda and her hubby are "BBQers" (with special rub and everything... go get you some Here )with a fondness for, um, pig. And finally, yesterday when the pattern popped itself in the calendar on my desk she thought it was really cute. For those that have said calendar, I didnt have time to make the pigets but I really wanted to. For those that dont have the calendar - it's perfect JUST THE WAY IT IS!! Travis said I should have knit a little bitty bottle of BBQ sauce too, but if I didnt have time to make the piglets that were supposed to be there, no way could I do a bottle that wasnt! Here's a lookie.

Linda with her pig:

The pig on her own:

Now I know that I have um, SomethingLike 4, or 5 WIP's, and I was DILLIGENTLY working on them - I swear! But I like her, and the pig is cute, and blah blah. It only took me 2 and a half hours - not too shabby. And SOOO cute. Anyway, moving on.

I also finished my short-row heel. It's a pain in the arse, but in the end it worked out well, I think.

This weekend - Birthday party tomorrow, Superbowl on Sunday. I'm sure I'll get some knitting done. I've started feeling pretty craptastic the past couple days - wish me luck!

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