Monday, February 11, 2008

A Big Ole Mess!

Ok, first some updates. Apparently I forgot to tell you guys the part where my boss almost chopped off his finger in Ocala setting up an RV show. That was Wednesday, and he was banging a flagpole with this thing called a slammer. He broke the ring finger and nearly severed the pinky of his right hand (he's a lefty, thank goodness!). Anyway, he goes to the bone doc on Thursday (after the swelling goes down) to see if they will be able to save the finger but it is pink and has blood flowing to it so it looks good. No more pain meds, but he's a manly man anyway.

Also, Jovanni (although is a little sicky now) is doing much better since his surgery. He's such a fat little boy, and you'd never know he was sick! Our house is pretty much back to its non-sick self. And, Grandma is doing well.

Speaking of, yesterday the boys and I packed off to my Moms for a visit. My Grandfather brought my Grandma over from the nursing home and we had a nice dinner and a visit. It went well and we had a nice time. Here's a pic.

Backtracking a bit, here's Sean eating a chocolate covered cookie on Saturday. I think he enjoyed it:

On to my mess. I had some laceweight undyed yarn in my stash and some dye. I wanted to experiment to make sure that I could do the slight variations in the yarn like I wanted for Mom' Christmas Sweater. Here's what I did:

I think it turned out perfect! However, because I'm a dumbass, I untied the shoelace that was holding this mass of pretty string in some kind of order, just so I could take that picture. The mass got moved before I retied the shoelace. I've spent the sum total of about 4 hours trying to wind this 1200 yards of yarn and I've done maybe 1/3 of it. I'm not happy. Dumbass dumbass dumbass. It is pretty though!

In project news, I started the second skinny sock. I've only done about 1/4 of the leg while I was waiting on the laceweight to dry from its washing. UGH. I really need to get a swift. Sigh. Oh well, back to untangling. I am purposly not showing you a picture of the mess,for fear of shock-induced trama for which I do not want to be held accountable.

Move along, nothing to see here.

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