Friday, February 08, 2008

Blue sock done

I finished up blue sock #1:

I also did a bit of math (!). The sweater I want to make Mom for Christmas needs about 1600 yards of sock yarn, it calls for Cherry Tree Hill which is beautiful, makes slight variations in color and apprently knits well. It is also $20 for 400 yards making this an $80 sweater. Yes I love my Mom, I even love her $80 worth, but $80 for just the yarn part PLUS knitting a Sweater with SOCK yarn? Maybe not-so-much. She agrees. My solution? Dye My Own. I dont know if I can get it nearly as beautiful as Cherry Tree Hill, but at $5.99 for400 yards making this a $23 sweater - thats much more managable. Becides, dyeing is fun!

I have the undyed yarn in my shopping basket at knitpick waiting. I am still trying to decide if that is what I want to do. I'd hate to buy it and screw it up, ya know!

We really dont have much going on, Travis has ot tomorrow night, so we'll hang out with him during the day, maybe find something fun to do. Then Sunday the kids and I will go to my mom's when he goes to work. My Mom requested more fun with the Dyson, and I think Damarys wants dibs next!

Hopefully I'll get some knitting done on either of the second socks, the afghan or the basket, or all of the above!!

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