Monday, February 18, 2008

Some updates

I beat the damn yarn! It is nice and caked up into 3 cakes that I refused to take a picture of. They are in time-out in the yarn storage area. They may come out later to be sold, but that will be only after they have learned their lesson!

I finished the mini-version of the felted basket. It came out very cute, even with hand felting and would look even cuter after a spin in the wash.

I also started on seekrit jacket 2.0. I started this a while back and got frustrated trying to figure out if I could felt part of it and attach it to another non-felted yarn. Now, I'm using wool-ease to get the wool effect without the felting. I like how it's coming out so far, but I just started last night so it's not very far.

I have not worked on either sock or the afghan. I did, however, buy the dye for Mom's Christmas sweater... the yarn should arrive this week!

Um, we went Saturday (even Travis) to visit my folks and grandparents. Then to the Indian Rocks Beach Winterfest - which is a little outdoor festival. Craft booths with people selling their hard work for WAY too little, firemen selling beer, bouncy house, etc. It was a nice time and I did buy a toy thing for the cat which he has hidden somewhere.

Sunday I went with my MIL to get the boys' pics taken. I should have them in email form in a week so I will share them.

That's really it for now. OOOOHHHHH - for anyone that watches All My Children - I was very saddened to see Jamie leave the show because he's my favorite guy and SO easy on the eyes. So sad. However.... I looked on the COVER of my tv guide and there he was - he's Knight Rider!!! I watched the 2 hour premier last night even though I should have gone to bed half way through it. I liked it, Travis hated it (something about 3 different types of helocopters used in this one scene). I'm sure it will be gone soon if I like it. But yay! That is all.

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