Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year, some knitting and He Likes Cheese!

Happy New Year kiddos! I hope yours is full of life and love and all that. Did you stay up? Did you watch the ball drop? We didnt make it past 10:30. Sad really. Sean slept through the night, which was great. Jake woke up twice, which was not. Last night Jake slept through and Sean only got up once so all in all it was good.

We spent New Years day with my in-laws, and guess what Sean did? He took a step! Yep, from the couch to the coffee table. I know it was a real step and not a lean because he was not able to make the return trip without falling. I did not, however, manage to get a picture of this monumentous occasion, and I will make up for it by showing you this:

That would be Sean digging in his new toy box which I had to buy (Love you Once Upon A Child) to fit his new toys. (Please ignore my window's lack of curtains... they were in the wash. They're back up now, so no worries.) He really likes his new toys, especially the ones at the very very bottom that are sometimes hard to get at and still have your feet on the ground!

I started my firs Christmas project for next year - er this year! I am using the yarn that I got from my Mom's yard-saling (which Cliff made fun of) to make him an afghan. The irony amuses me. Anyway, for Christmas Mom gave me a Michaels gift card and one of the things I bought was the Mason Dixon knitting book, which I have been wanting for some time now but have not managed to get it yet. In said book is a pattern for a knitted Log Cabin quilt afghan. Made in many many different colors, and still looking swell, I thought this would be just the thing! Course it's ancient acrylic and I had forgotten how weird it feels to crochet with but hey, it's working. Wanna see? This was as of this morning. Since this was taken, I've finished the dark green I was working on and am halfway through the next block of primary blue. The colors are a little wonky, but they are pretty close to the same ones they used in the book and it looks fine in the book.

And finally, proof that he's mine. As you know, Sean (and Jake too) were made from cheese. I consumed MASS amounts of cheese - mac n cheese, cheese quesadillas, tacos, queso dip, etc - during my pregnancy. So much so that everyone was slightly suprised to see him come out not orange. Anyway, this weekend I introduced Sean to these lovely little cubes of wonderfullness. He was quite impressed.

He's getting so big, it's so hard to believe that he's almost one. Speaking of, guess who will be making his birthday cake? Nope, not me.... Travis and Jake will be making it. Should be interesting. I am having them make it on Friday so I have some Just-In-Case time (shh). Anyway, thats it for now, have a great day!

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