Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sean's indecision, and other stuff.

My child apparently likes blue. Heres a video for you - longer than most but it is hysterically funny. Enjoy. (see how I found out the magic to embedding!!)

In yarny news, I have been very careful not to get TOO sucked into Ravelry, as I do actually have work to do (gasp!) But I have a few friends and a few projects posted. I have also updated my ecrafter site - since that is where I sent poor Russ (the loser of the afghan). Hopefully he'll find something he likes and commissions it, or, better yet, finds something that he likes that I already have made! Pipe dreams, I'm sure, since I think I only have 2 completed afghans on hand. Oh well.

And, I have, with the help of Drew, gotten some info on submitting a design to a magazine. I figure I had it, and I think its cute and I have 2 other 'Cutes'... we'll see what happens. I made this in December originally, and had jotted down the notes as I went (if by jotted I mean chicken scratch that was NOT easy to read on a 3/4 piece of scrap paper). Now I have penciled out the pattern as I wrote it, and am re-crocheting it to make sure that the pattern makes sense, or if I need to change it. Once thats done I will need to get the actual yarn that I used (I'm using simply soft now to make it easier to use/see... and its stash) and swatch it out. Should be interesting.

Oh, and I am on the bottom rib of the mini-sweater ornament, which leaves 4.5 rows of that then the 2 sleeves to go. I have not worked on the sock.

That's it for now.

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