Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The short version

1. Jake got a 100% on his first tests (math and phonics both oral and written)

2. Travis got a crap shift - 11:30 to 8 with Friday and Saturday off (but that does mean he can go on the cruise with me)

3. It is really REALLY hard to type with these nails on (but they're pretty)

4. Doc said no arthritis and bloodwork is fine. His thought is that the combination of typing at work and crochet/knitting is causing overuse and stressed aleve and advil. He said that he would send me to a Rheumy if I wanted for more testing, but we decided I'd wait to see if the glucosamine would help.

5. My afghan in the silent auction went for $100, and the losing party (there were 2 people going for it) will probably end up commissioning one. Jason's painting went for $650 to a dealership and I hear tell that the man that bought it wants another one too.

In the week I've been gone, Sean has started sitting up but has not said anything becides dada and has not gained 9 teeth, or 9 pounds - which is good. Jake enjoyed his first soccer game/practice/thing, and he learned a new move in karate.

More later, with pictures! 1292 ahead of me for Ravelry.

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~dani said...

whewwwww is all I can say if thats the short version.

Hope convention went well!!!

Glad the babies didn't grow up too much while you were gone :)