Friday, September 14, 2007

Pile O Crap

Ok, so Wednesday night I noticed a noise like running water coming from the laundry room when I had to do something in the kitchen, but I had just gone potty and flushed and associated them together. Fast forward to the morning when I'm making Sean's bottle and I hear it again, and I thought "Hmm, that sounds strange - I'll have to tell Travis when he gets up that its doing that". Then back to bed for a few more minutes. Travis wakes me up and I tell him to come with me and listen, and he does - and goes into the laundry room to investigate (laundry room is a step down from the kitchen and pantry), and steps in a half inch of water. Well now, isnt that strange.

I called in to stay with him to help, and then we called in the plumber. I guess the water heater itself was the problem - and not any actual pipes so thats a good thing I suppose - and now we are proud owners of a new water heater... for the low low price of $530 you can be too! Yeah, so there went the bonus I'll get next month!

The good news is that Travis managed to get the days off and is able to go on the cruise with me next month - love you work! I had hoped to use bonus money to hit the casinos a little bit but I guess that wont really be happening, eh? Oh well. At least the cruise is free for me and mileage to get to and from Miami will pay for Travis' way and for gas so thats good.

Travis' crap schedule hits again - the flex bit has been exercised. The whole first week of the shift (9/30 - 10/6) will be from 1:30 - 10... crappity crap crap! He will be looking for bigger and better things post haste.

No pics for today, but soon - really! I gotta get some work done and find my desk. Have a great weekend.

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