Wednesday, August 29, 2007


So this half hour every other day to play with yarn is only serving to make me want more. Urg! So frustrating, and since my projects usually are long and drawn out, I get nothing done in this timeframe, so I had a brilliant spark come to me last night.

Monday's Knitting Calendar pattern was for a little bitty sweater Christmas ornament, made with size 10 thread and size 1 needles (I know, I know - crack... must be in the koolaid). So, I cast on, and this is made top down starting with the turtle neck, then doing some specially placed increases to make the shoulders, putting stitches aside for the arms to work later, then continuing on down the body. It really is too cute, and I figured something that small I could have something finished pretty soon. Yesterday I was able to get to the increase part. Maybe tomorrow I'll get done with the shoulder increases? We'll see.

So starting this new project has left the following abandoned:

firstsock out of Tofutsee yarn (South West Trading Company, made in a natural fiber yarn that has some sort of stuff made from the shells of shrimp & crab which makes it naturally antibacterial - pretyt groovy!). I am on the round and round bit of the foot and have about half the foot left to go.

chenille blanket - I was about 6 inches in on this one when the doc said to stop. I was only doing it for convention since I had started to hate the angora shawl, so I have zero emotional investment in this piece. I may cut off what I've done and sell the BigHugeCone of chenille on ebay which is where I got it from.

sweater for me - You thought I forgot about this didnt you? Its in my bedroom, staring at me every night from my dresser. I am about 1/3 up the front, that's it. It is so easy peasy stockingnette, but the yarn is kinda fiddly - it's 2 strands of a very light, easily pulled apart acrylic/mohair blend - so that adds a level of difficulty. I love what it is looking like, and I may yet finish it. We'll see. For now it will live on the dresser.

angora shawl - this will not get finished. It sheads so much. I would frog it but the angora doesnt frog well, and there isnt soo much left becides what i've used. I'm not sure what the fate will be of this, we'll see.

That's it, maybe? I have the yarn to make my mom's Christmas sweater, and yarn to make me a sweater like I made Stacy last year... and thats really it on the list.

Boy is that depressing.

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