Monday, August 20, 2007

Drive By

My desk is a disaster. Wait, let me show you...

Obviously I have some work to do... so, here's the skinny.

Saturday we went to my Grandparents place and hung out for a while. Here is Cliff and Jake modeling their matching pirate skull caps. Cliff looks like a thug. Or the unibomber!

Sunday we took Jake and Sean for their pictures and they came out so cute, and Jake is such a ham, and we will get them on Labor Day.

Today, Jake started 1st grade. Here's what he looked like about 20 minutes before we had to leave:

I took a picture of him and his teacher, Mrs Ashmore, but it was backlit and came out horrible, so I will spare you.

Sean is so close to crawling, I took some video on Saturday of it, but I dont have time to upload it, but here is a nice picture... pretend he's moving: Never mind, I only took video. Whoops!

How about a nice picture of Gigi the Tripod dog sleeping under Grandma's feet... with her but on Grandma's scooter. Pretty funny I thought.
That's it. More tomorrow... hopefully!

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