Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Oh, the irony

I had no time today to post about nothing because we leave in 2 weeks for convention and hi! that's just around the corner. But, as I left to go get Sean and go home my car decided to be a bad car and not start.

So, now I'm waiting for Travis and Jake to get here - my Father in Law went to get Sean... Love him! - and now I have a few minutes to say hello to you.

My whole office minus 1 (Damarys had left via the front door when the car decided to pull its antics) decided that I do not have a alternator problem, or an electric problem, and that the issue is probably somewhere between the gas tank (yes I have gas) and the whatever it is that makes the engine start... fuel pump maybe? No clue. Wish us luck. Best case is that its all better with some cheap tada and off we go. Next, but REALLY close runner up, is that I need to get my new car early - but this is still something thats coming soon anyway. We were waiting on my bonus season to kick in to get a new one. Hrm. I'll letcha know tomorrow what the verdict is.

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