Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Blah blah blah

There is zero to talk about. No knitting, no crocheting, not even a cute picture of a child/cat/weird car to show you.

It's sad really.

One week from today I leave for convention, and I am pretty sure that I'm ready. Well, ish. I've made my packing list, and I've gone over our agend eleventy thousand and 2 times and I think we're going to have another convention meeting later in the week. Again. Our office is stacked with all manner of boxes and such. I have lists of each box and it's contents inside my trusty computer. We're highly organized over here.

Oh, wait, there is news... my mom's puppy was born, along with its 4 siblings... so if anyone wants a Maltese in about 2 months lemme know, k? I'm sure that I'll have pics of that soon MOM! And I'll let ya'll see. She called me after #1, then again after #3, and then I went to bed. they ended up with 5. That's a bunch for such a little dog! Jake is pretty astounded by "Nana had puppies?", so that was funny.

Back to blah blah convention blah. Since I'm in the no-yarn phase of this finger crap, I had to rumage around my craft fair stash to come up with something for the Silent Auction. I decided on this (actually this is the pic from the book, I donated the done afghan):
It's pretty, and hopefully it will raise some money.
Hopefully I'll have more interesting things to talk about tomorrow.

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