Thursday, August 09, 2007

Stuff and all

This is a little jumbled... sorry.

I started taking some St Johns Wort and Echinacea for the ppd, and thus far it has only given me a headache. I will give it a week and if nothing, I'll go back to the doc for another option. I wont be able to function at Convention like this, so I've got to do something! Wish me luck!

Here are some assorted pics from vacay...

In the 4 minutes that I saw my siblings, I managed to get 1 picture. Just pretend that you see lovely pics of my sister and big little brother.

My little little brother and Sean:

What I did most of the car trip. And they got done by the time we got to Rere's house, they made a nice birthday gift, and they fit her! :

Sean on Nanny & Pop's carpet (I have video, maybe I'll get that up tomorrow):

Jake after a Silly String attack:

Yarn Porn:

The baby robin living in Aunt Rere's front porch wreath:

The reflecting pool at Luray Caverns:
Ok, off to do some work. More tomorrow.

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