Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Convention is kicking my butt, and other diet news

Yes, there will be yarn-related news in here... I promise!

I leave for Convention in 3 weeks.

(as an aside, my speakers have just gone wonky and now my music is actually annoying me. How crazy is that? Urg. Anyway, sorry.)

I leave for Convention in 3 weeks and not everything is done. A lot has been done, quite a bit actually, but I do still have a lot to do.

I bought my Saturday night dress (at a consignment shop for $21... that was 1/2 off after I discovered some rhinestones missing which I need to go to Michaels or Joanns to get replacements for... not bad I though). It's black with thinnish shoulder straps and it goes to the floor in a flowy split skirt thing. It's nice, but a little bit too big. I'll take it in some up top, the rest can stay as is.

I shall be Cinderella for the Friday night costume party. I have rented my dress (to buy it would be $995. No I'm not kidding. To rent it was $85. Thank goodness the job is picking up THAT tab!) but I need to buy opera legnth white gloves (the ones I have only go to below my elbow) and some "glass slippers". That has proven difficult... I will not pay $60 for 1 night's worth of shoes... which is what the costume place wanted. I've checked Walmart, and the consignment shop I bought my dress at with no luck. I've got to try payless and Goodwill... maybe somebody else bought them for a 1 night thing then donated them. Fingers crossed.

This dress weighs probably 30-40 pounds. HEAVY! And, although it zipped up (with help), I didnt try to sit down in it. Should prove interesting. Diet starts today!

Still on my to-do list... deal with Hotel ownership changes, make sure the crap I've ordered (give-aways, convention bags, awards, etc) get here in time and are right. I am still not quite sure how childcare is going to work out - Travis will still be on mandatory OT, so it will pretty much be up to the in-laws. I feel bad about having to rely on them so much, but I don't really have an alternative. Urg.

I have given up on the shawl. I managed 1 row during our 9,082 hours in the car last week, and I hated doing it. So, because I have no shame and have never been one to be a 'one-project person', I have started something new. Using the black chenille I have a ton of and my Brittney J hook, I am making an afghan. Simple alternating shell design. It's easy, and would go quicker if it were a) not my Brittney J hook but I cant find my Boye and b) not the black chenille. But, I think a lacy black chenille throw would be appropriate for the "Hollywood" theme, dont you? I'll take a pic at lunch to show you.

Today is day 1 of crazy diet 2.1. I will be able to do 1 11-day stint, 3 days off, then another 8 days of the diet before we leave for convention. Wish me luck... I dont want to NEED help zipping up Cinderella.

Here's a picture to tide you over:

And finally, I am starting to need a new cel-phone. My battery cant hold a charge for more than a day - and that's without talking on it! We have Verizon, but I doubt that really matters on phone model. Any suggestions?
Have a nice Tuesday.

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