Saturday, June 30, 2007

Done and Done

I finished up both baby blankets. The blue/white one got mailed out yesterday, and yes I did take a pic of it but it's living on my camera just now. I almost ran out of yarn, and by almost... I mean that I did run out about 3 feet from the end, so I frogged the last round and redid it in a hdc instead of a dc and ended up with about 5 feet of yarn at the end. Yep, took a pic of that too! I havent taken a pic of the pink & purple one, but I already put it in the closet to hang out until the baby comes.

Speaking of babies, Damarys' sister went into labor yesterday, and I dont have a text this morning, but I'm sure there's a new baby. So congrats to them.

I also managed to get 4 butterflies done for a charity project with the group. They go to lots of different types of people, over 100 people, terminal people and the like. What a sweet way to brighten up folks' day.

Today I will be hunting the 2nd hand places for one of the bouncy things that Sean loves so much. Once upon a child didnt have one, so I will try a couple other places around here. Wish me luck.

Today will also be back to working on the shawl. Have I told you how over it I am? Yeah, about that much. I do have the sock in case I get sick of the shawl, but if I start with that mindset, I'll have a pair of socks before half a shawl!

Tomorrow Other Tracy is bringing her 5 yr old Jack, and Tony & Nette are bring 6 yr old Tyler and baby Bailey to go swimming. Damarys may bring 5 yr old Jasyline, but because of her new nephew(to be) that is up in the air.

And finally, my big boy is getting his 6 yr molars. He's not happy about the pain, and thanks Kerry for suggesting the Motrin instead of asprin. Havent gotten out the bourbon yet, but we'll see how the whiney day progresses, eh? Funny that he's getting these without losing a tooth yet.

That's it for now, have a great weekend.

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