Monday, June 11, 2007

Hello from the slacker

Let me start off by telling Sandy that the Lion Play was "The Learning Circus" or something like that (horrible, I know). Thank you for asking.

Sorry that I've been slacking, works been actually "worky" for a change. Got a "promotion" which is nice, and a $2/hr pay raise, which is even nicer. But more work came with it so hey, whatta do.

I gave Deanna her comfortghan on Wednesday. It took her longer to cry than I expected, but she was very happy with it. She is doing better, she went home on Saturday, 24 hours after her double mastectomy. That's a lot sooner than I would have thought. Saturday was bad and she wished she had stayed in the hospital, then she got a new lounge chair which made life much more bearable. She is in good spirits. Thank you for your prayers. Here she is getting her ghan. Someday I will learn to take pictures that the takee knows about and perhaps maybe face me?:

Let me give a quick "my week in pictures":

1. Hillsborough really IS hiring quality, educated individuals for road crews.
2. This big frog was hanging out between my sliding glass door and the screen. We grilled that night and he didnt budge.
3. Jake had the other Jacob and his sister over to swim and had a grand time.
4. Sean and Stacy hanging out.

In other news, Sean was home on Friday with Pink Eye. Wanna know how fun it is to give a 5 month old eye drops 4 times a day? It's not. It is REALLY not. If you would like to dis-prove this statement, you are more than welcome to come to my house and try!

I went to Citrus Park Mall for World Wide Knit in Public day on Saturday. It was nice, and I met some new people. Hi new people! I also met up with one of my friends from Jr high to unload, I mean pass along my maternity clothes. I have NO idea what to do with all that room at the foot of my bed now! Perhaps a hope chest filled with yarn? lol.
On actual project news - I have been working on the shawl for Convention, I am about 40 something rows in. It's only like 6 inches (unblocked) which is VERY dishartening. There are a total of 144 rows before the border which I think is like 19 rows. I am holding out hope that, unlike the picture, it will actually look like a shawl when I'm done. Otherwise, I will cry over my angora.
I found out Friday that otherTracy is having a girl (just like the Chinese people predicted. Very clever, them.) So I started on my Tracie's star afghan (well, not hers, but the one she made and gave to Sean, so sorta-hers) in white, pink and purple. I've got 5 sets of 6 rounds (double stranded - white/white, white/pink, pink/pink, pink/purple, purple/purple) to do, and I'm on round 3 of the pink/pink bit. It's coming quickly which is nice. The baby's not due until November, so I have time, but I like the sheer Not-shawlness of it. You understand.
Speaking of otherTracy, we are going to her place for dinner tomorrow. She has a 5 yr old son named Jack, and Jack and Jake have not yet met. I think they will have loads of fun together! I hope poor Jasyline doesnt feel left out. I'll show pictures, I'm sure. And I'll even try to share the quickly.
And finally, just so I can be accountable to someone (or 6) I have joined the dieting website. It's free and lets me track meals (and does the math for me), exercise, water consumption, etc. It also has message boards and groups and friends. I'm in the knitting group. So I guess it's like Myspace meets Weight Watchers. We'll see how it goes.

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