Monday, June 04, 2007

baby giggles, a finished comfort ghan and my handsome fellas

Hi all. I wanted to start off with a video. Shocking, I know. The first bit is Sean giggling, it is very very funny. It's kinda boring toward the end where my trying to coax him to giggle is funnier than he is! So there ya go. Enjoy.

I finished the comfortghan for my work-friend Deanna. She goes in Friday for a double mastectomy. Please keep her in your prayers. Here it is finished and wrapped, including a closeup of my beautimous picot edging:

See... Martha Stewart DOES live here! lol. Anyway, HUGE thanks to all my crochet group gals (and the dudes that love them) that participated in my "Please donate a square so I dont drive myself nuts(er) trying to get this thing done in a month"-athon. I really really appreciate it. And if she says ok, I will post pics of her getting it. She should be here in a couple hours. My favorite of mine is the bottom 2nd right - that is one of Drew's ( from last years Crochet pattern a day calendar. Of course I dont have the sheet with me so I cant tell you what the name of it is... but its fun to make - all sorts of criss-crossy goodness. My favorite of the donated ones (if that's allowed - sorry to the other gals, I love them all!) is Kerry's ( butterflies- the darkest one. Butterflies are the symbol for Thyroid Cancer, of which Kerry's a survivor. How fitting, I thought.

And of course because I can't go 3.7 minutes without taking a picture... here are the best of the weekend pics:

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