Monday, June 18, 2007


I forgot my camera at home. Pretend you are seeing pics from Grandma's birthday party, Jake and Sean in the pool and silly video of Jake playing his guitar. Ok, so maybe I wont post the video, because its kinda boring, but it was fun to try to be covert to get it!

I ran out of pink yarn to finish the babyghan, but got some yesterday and brought it with me to work on at lunch. While I was waiting to get that yarn, I worked on a couple squares for a baby comfortghan How sad is that! A little girl, age 1, took a tumble on the stairs. When her folks took her to the hospital to make sure she's ok they found a tumor on her brain the size of a golfball. Looks like she went in for surgery on Tuesday, but I dont have an update. But on my squares, 1 was crocheted, and it's done, and I'm knitting the other one in seed stitch. This is my first time sucessfully doing it, and I really like it. I'll show you tomorrow if I can remember my camera.

I have been kinda ignoring the angora shawl, I dont know if I like it enough to put in the silent auction for work. Its not as professional as I would like - all because of the holes down the back. For some reason they are zig-zaggy. If I were a real knitter, I might know why and how to fix it, but I dont. Perhaps I can make just a normal triangle shawl with the lace from this original pattern along the bottom? Hrm. I have less than 3 months to go, so if I'm gonna change it I probably ought to hurry it up, eh?

That's it for now. Have a good monday.

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