Wednesday, June 13, 2007

friends are great.

I mean really. But I'll get to that in a minute.

Yesterday, again, I blew the carbs portion of my "diet". If you'd like to follow along (dont know if you can without being a member, but maybe... you let me know) you can go to I have not really updated it, but I can do that after this post. I like that it tells me what exercises to do on the stregnth training portion. Can I tell you that my shoulders STILL hurt from 2 days ago's push-ups! I was able to accomplish all of the stregnth training in my office, which was nice. I need to do it again today, so that will be in a little bit. This site also gives you the option of providing menus for you, or you tell it what you eat and it shows what the nutritional values are for those items. Brilliant I thought. Lots of food is actually in there, and if you dont find what you ate in there, you can put the information off the label in. Oh, and free. Free is good. Moving on.

I promised a pic of the Tracy afghan. Here ya go! This was before lunch, I've done another couple rounds on it. I am almost out of pink, but I have some at home that should be enough for it.

When it's done I'll show you more. I hope she likes it. I do. And on to friends. Damarys and her daughter joined me and my brood over at otherTracy's house for dinner. Our kids played together, well, Here's Tracy's Jack and my Sean:

You cant see Sean's outfit, but it says Rockstar and has a guitar on it. TOO. CUTE. I, of course, forgot to take a picture of him in it. Laundry will be done this weekend and you'll have one soon enough though. Back to friends. We had such a great time, sitting around and talking about work and kids and funny stories all while sharing a great meal. Travis and Tracy's husband Ben got on well, and I think he even enjoyed himself - and THAT is something. We left after 9:30 - way past Jake's bedtime, and he still was crying to not go. Soon we'll have to get the boys together again. They had a blast. Here are we three ladies with our 3 "J" 5 year olds (the nice one, then the slightly skewed one):

Can I show you what I saw on my way home from work yesterday:

Here's the story. I'm sitting at a red light, and the lady in the car (on the phone) on the right (and is in MY LANE) comes into my lane and stops. Like she's waiting on the light, but shes in my lane. I thought maybe she's trying to be in the turn lane? So the crossways traffic is going - starting with the left turn arrow - and she was blocking people by being in their lane - having to swerve around her. Then the crossways people go across, then is my turn lane (and the one across the street) but she didnt budge. She sat there. In my lane. My light turns green. I go forward and stop because she's still sitting there. Talking on her phone. In my lane. I ended up having to go around her. Her car was running, she had driven to this place, and breaked when she got there. Her brake lights were on, so she wasnt in park with no brakes. I have NO clue.
Anyway, that's really it for today. Have a good one.

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Danielle said...

The star blanket is coming out great! Should have rammed into the car that wouldn't budge screaming "Twanda" the whole time!! LOL
Do you know what movie that is from?