Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Our whole house is sick, and it sucks. Sean hasnt really been not-sick yet, but the 197 trips to the doctor havent revealed anything - apparently it's ok that he has gak in his chest and boogie nose! I wish I could just make him understand how to spit it out, but who can reason with a 5 month old? Sleeping at night has been hit and miss, but last night (let's whisper so that no one hears and realizes the cosmic mistake) he slept and I had to wake him up this morning! I was pretty amazed. Let's see if he can manage this on a day when the alarm isnt going off at 6:30! Every time I think he's making progress he reverts right back, so I'll try not to get excited. !.

Jake started a mini-soccer camp at school this week. He's enjoying it, me less so since they gave us 1 shirt that he has to wear every day... and it's WHITE! ?. So, I'm getting lots of laundry done - which is a plus, I suppose. He got a soccer bal for his birthday and has been showing us his newly learned moves. He's so cute when he gets excited about stuff. Also for his birthday, he got enough money to replace the gameboy that he lost. No, not the "we'll find it later" lost, but the "Mommy I left my gameboy in the gas station bathroom 4 miles back and can we turn around" lost. Of course it wasnt there when we got back, and after a week of summer camp and no game boy he was kinda twitchy. But, lessons learned, so that part is good.

I was able to get to Michaels to get the yarn to finish up a baby ghan for a friend of Travis'. The baby came on 6/11, but we just found out about him last week, so I'm trying to go quick. It looks nice, and I really like the star pattern. It looks like a lot more work than it is I think.
I am still a few rounds from finishing the blanket for otherTracy, but she's not due until November so I have some time.
I have restarted the convention shawl - this would be time #4 if you're keeping track. Angora is not a good frogging yarn, just so you know. I think it's going ok this time, of course I'm only about 6 rows in. We'll see how it turns out.

That's really about it, back to work. I am trying to get some video of Sean that they took at daycare, which is so funny that I want to send off to AFV. Cant because Travis works for the rat, but maybe the daycare lady can. So, hopefully I'll be able to share that tomorrow.

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Danielle said...

Sorry you guys and even more so little guy sean are sick!! Jess had issues like that and ended being allergic to our cat...maybe that could be an issue.

we've done the lost electronics this year also, Jess had her Ipod stolen last week of school. She had to save to replace it...sorry 'bout her luck.

Feel better!!!